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About Peggy Jaegly

Peggy Jaegly is a passionate, full time Harpist. Serving Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Peggy is a professional, responsible harpist who is dedicated to customizing her harp services to the needs and wishes of the client. She studied classical harp as an adult and has been playing various types and sizes of harps for over ten years.

Peggy is the founder of The Elegant Harp & The Healing Harp, two businesses that strive to provide soothing harp music for a wide variety of other events. 

The Elegant Harp Peggy serves clients who need background harp music for special events such as weddings, baby showers, christenings, receptions, dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, Victorian Teas, fashion shows, real estate open houses, graduations,  and private parties. Serving Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Healing Harp She has completed specialized training and is a Certified Music Practitioner, and a Hospital Certified Master Bedside Harpist who brings pleasant and appropriate live music to the bedside of the ill, depressed and dying. She is also a Certified Healing Musician and graduated from the International Healing Musician Program. Serving Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When life gets tough, Peggy Jaegly is specially trained to provide soothing and unobtrusive healing harp music to patients and residents of hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and private residences. The patient does not need to be alert nor awake to receive the benefit of music. Learn more about Peggy's services at The Healing Harp.

Peggy plays multiple instruments though the harp remains her favorite. To listen to excerpts (coming soon) from her harp CD, visit Purchase CDs

Her mission in life is to promote peace, harmony and healing through her music, writings, and speaking engagements. 

Peggy is an entertaining speaker on a variety of topics. She often speaks to groups and demonstrates the modal music she uses in her healing harp work or demonstrates the wide variety of musical instruments at her disposal. For more details on speaking topics available, please visit -
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A lover of creativity, Peggy is both a non-fiction and fiction writer. For a list of her available books for purchase, please visit
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To learn more about Peggy Jaegly please visit 

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