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Healing Harp:

"That was beautiful. It was like heaven."
Stated by a daughter at the bedside of her dying father after Peggy played her harp for him.

"I don't believe it. Hospice sent me a live harpist!"
What a pleased hospice patient said to his brother on the telephone.

"When Peggy plays the harp I feel like I'm surrounded by angels."
A hospice patient in Maryland.

"The dulcet tones of the harp flow like a trickling brook from the fingers of Peggy Jaegly..."
The Sar Ledger, NJ

"The harp is not the instrument of angels by mistake, the sound is heavenly and carries across the room like a feather wafting of a spring breeze."
Sunday Courier News, NJ
While listening to Peggy play for a patient.

"I have had the honor of working with Peggy Jaegly, Master Bedside Harpist for more than two years. Peggy and I work as a team to bring comfort to hospice patients and their families. As a massage therapist, I offer Comfort Touch as Peggy plays healing harp music. We work in harmony to help ease a sometimes difficult and uncertain journey. While visiting patients in their home, nursing homes or hospital Peggy's beautiful harp music fills the air with compassion, love and peace. Through keen observation, a skilled listening ear, and a deep sense of knowing Peggy is able to play just the right music for each person and situation. Working side by side with Peggy has been a joy! Her professionalism, commitment to the work and continual quest for growth is truly inspirational."
Jan Walker, CMT


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Elegant Harp:

“Your music was so beautiful…so extraordinary. My wife of 52 years got amorous and wants to go on a second honeymoon! Great event. Keep plucking the strings.”
Pete Bercik, MA
Abingdon, MD

“The harp playing was the perfect touch to the wedding ceremony.”
Mother of the bride, NJ

“The presence of Peggy playing the harp added elegance to the whole event.”
Doug in Delaware

“The harp music was so beautiful, I thought it was a recording…”
Wedding guest in MD

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Music CD:

Serenity CD

“My baby cries and won’t go to sleep unless I play your Serenity CD. Please compose more lullabies.”
Monique Hasenbien
Pasadena, MD

“WOW! This music is more than beautiful – it is amazing! I play it over and over again while I’m working, while I’m driving, in the offices at work!.... it goes with everything! What really strikes me about it, is that I can continue on with my day, running from one thing to another, while all the time Peggy’s music keeps me centered and calm throughout it all. People probably meditate for years to achieve that kind of peace inside! I can’t even imagine how soothing and awesome it would be if I could sit and really relax for a few moments. Thank you. It is wonderful and I recommend it to everyone who can’t squeeze in another minute to relax, but could definitely use some help relaxing in the midst of the chaos of life.”
Janet Sadler Schmid
Little River Zoo

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